Our Philosophy

foal1Lessons and training are provided toward individual goals, using principles of the American Forward Riding System.

We pride ourselves in developing “thinking riders and educated horses,” providing individual attention to our boarders as well as to our students who ship-in for lessons. Some of our students ride competitively and win ribbons at “A” shows, but a great number are pleasure riders who want to safely and softly enjoy good partnerships with their horses.



relaxtogether1We believe that the most progress is made when horse and rider are in a relaxed frame of mind for learning, so we use a logical progression for both horse and rider, at a rate that keeps everyone safe, comfortable, and enjoying the process. All of our lessons are built on a progression of skills, with emphasis placed on good flatwork, strong basics, and understanding theory. Our forte is developing an individual program that allows a “misunderstood” horse to become a star, and giving his or her rider the understanding and tools to be a successful partner.





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