Our Facility

blueridge1Nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the facility we call home is on a private farm owned by longtime friends Makanah and Bob Morriss and Kit and Kendall Sydnor, Jr. It is the embodiment of a shared vision: a place that could provide students with the best care for horses, a safe environment for riding and training, and a commitment to enhancing the relationships between horses and people. It is a peaceful location with workmanlike places for horses and people to be together under a beautiful backdrop.


  • 10 stalls, 12’x12′ with patio access to sunshine in fair weather, removeable plexiglass windows in the back of stalls allow plentiful natural light while providing windbreak when cold, air in summer
  • recycled rubber non-slip flooring in aisle
  • wash stall with hot/cold water, vacuum cleaner
  • bathroom, laundry machines
  • heated tackroom

Riding/Work Areasfacilityvstrip1

  • 60’x135′ lighted covered ring with semi-enclosed walls, blended sand footing, schooling fences
  • 90’x190′ outdoor ring with all weather footing and a variety of jumps
  • round pen
  • grassy areas, inviting natural fences
  • wooded trails


  • fencing is wooden, with boards and woven wire in some locations
  • solar electric wire along the top of common fencelines
  • run-in sheds offer shade and shelter from the elements



Eco-sensitive management practices

  • organic fly predators throughout the warm months keep flies down
  • periodic fecal sampling for targeted deworming eliminates excessive chemicals